Anna Perra Real Women Concept started during my time in the retail industry. I owned a Boutique for four years and met with so many women, all unique and special in their own way, but nearly all, with some points in common:  

“I buy what my husband likes me to, or coming to purchase with friends and instead of asking for professional advice, they would rely on their friend’s opinions. Sadly, if a friend didn’t like the dress style based on her own perceptions & likes, the buyer’s own desires were written off!” 

That’s when I stepped in and simply asked: How do you feel about wearing that dress? – and when the answer was – “I feel great!” (more often than not), women started to make their own decisions. So, my simple question is:  If you feel good wearing a specific style of dress, one that makes you feel good about yourself, is it really important what others feel about it? Being yourself is what people around you should love about you. Seeing you happy! And even if they don’t, you should!

I learnt that no matter how beautiful a woman can be, if that “self-confidence” ingredient is missing, they tend to rely on external opinions about how they look, or how they perform in life. There are of course many other factors to be considered about women’s dress sense, but that’s a much longer story.  

Because of the experiences I had in retail, I decided to encourage my customers to step out of their comfort zone and ask them to join my runway project in showcasing Anna Perra’s collection through my Real Women Catwalks, where they completely trusted the collection I allocated to them. Styling each of them individually, seeing each of them transform into confident women, made me admire their courage to perform in front of 90 plus people and truly transformed my life, my perception of the power of fashion!

When a woman says,” no I would never wear that style, or that colour”…. to me more often than not, what she is actually asking for is help! And she is who dares, wins…

Below you can see my lovely Ladies performing at some of my Real Women Fashion Shows…..enjoy!



BATH ‘Shoes Designer’ Boutique Catwalk July 2016

Casual-elegance  Collection

WI (Women Institute) Catwalk June 2016

Fashion talks the WI and a ‘FUN’ catwalk performed by the WI members

The Queen’s Catwalk – Collett Park June 2016

Celebrating the Queen’s Birthday


WINCANTON RACECOURSE “Ladies Day” Fashion Show May 2016

Country & Casual-elegance Collection

THE RODNEY STOKE “Real Women Fashion Show” August 2015

Casual-elegance Collection

STON EASTON PARK HOTEL “Real Women Fashion Show”

May 2015

Casual-elegance & Special Occasion Collection

CHARLTON HOUSE “Real Women Fashion Show” October 2014

Casual-elegance Collection

CHARLTON HOUSE “Real Women Fashion Show” June 2014

Casual-elegance & Special Occasion Collection

THE SWAN HOTEL in WELLS “Real Women Fashion Show”  February 2014

Casual-elegance & Special Occasion collection

THE RODNEY STOKE “Real Women Fashion Show” October 2013

Casual-elegance & Evening Collection